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Family law is a relatively broad legal practice that covers matters like divorce, custody, child support, adoption, and other matters. If you or a loved one are going through any of these matters, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of dedicated lawyers and ask for help.


Going through a divorce is very traumatic experience. Your life, property, home, finances and children will be immensely affected. The decisions you make during a divorce will undoubtedly impact you and your children for the rest of your life. There is hardly a more crucial time to consult with an attorney and to hire the right attorney to represent you.

At Teston & Burruss, we have dedicated our practice to helping our clients across North Georgia navigate all of the family law issues they encounter in divorce. Our lawyers will provide you with advice regarding your options and negotiate effectively and litigate aggressively to help you reach your goals.

Thinking About A Divorce? Things to Consider Before You File

There is more to filing for divorce than just submitting a complaint to the court. If you want a good outcome in your divorce you need to plan and strategize accordingly. Consider these tips when filing for divorce:

  • Hire an attorney: Even if you think your divorce will go smoothly and you may not need a family law attorney – think again. Having dealt with hundreds of divorce cases, we have seen couples face unexpected conflict in the smoothest of divorces. Having a divorce lawyer from the very start who understands your personal issues and facts surrounding your case will only benefit you in the long run.
  • Settlement is often the solution: Most divorce cases result in a settlement agreement despite all cases being different from each other. Many of the most contentious cases often resolve by settlement agreement. Reaching a settlement agreement means that you were in control of the final outcome of your divorce rather than a judge who may not fully understand your circumstances. 
  • Understanding Finances: A clear understanding of your assets and debts before divorce proceedings start is very important. Major factors like property division create issues when divorces. An attorney will foresee potential issues that you may not have considered. 
  • Consider living options: After the divorce is over, one if not both spouses will end up living in a different home. In many divorces marital homes end up being sold in order for the equity to be divided. It is advisable to immediately begin considering alternative living arrangements on both a temporary and permanent basis.

Considerations During Divorce

Several other issues can arise from divorce:

  • Divorce for men: Many men often feel discriminated against when going through a divorce, especially when it comes to custody of their children. The law provides that both parents begin on an even playing field and the the best interests of the children shall be the controlling factor. At Teston & Burruss, we the have experience to ensure that your rights or protected regardless of gender.
  • Divorce for women: Women often have anxiety and concerns about their future and their finances, especially incases where their primary job during the marriage was caring for the children while their husband worked. Our lawyers make sure your future and security are not compromised at any cost.
  • Grounds for divorce: What grounds you seek divorce on makes a huge difference to the outcome of your case. Georgia is a no-fault divorce state. However, evidence of infidelity, substance abuse, or physical abuse can have a major impact on how courts will rule in a divorce case.
  • Private investigators: We work with private investigators to help develop our clients’ cases. We do complete research and investigation on a spouse’s activity and gather all evidence to guarantee a positive outcome for our clients.
  • Standing orders in divorce: In Georgia, when divorce is filed, the court automatically issues standing orders for you and your spouse which apply while the case is pending. During the pendency of a divorce, these standing orders govern many issues including your finances and the custody of your children. Understanding the orders is a prime reason why it is vital to consult with a divorce attorney. 

Providing Zealous Advocacy for the Most Complex Cases

The lawyers at Teston & Burruss have the expertise to handle complex cases with higher stakes, like that of business owners, athletes, and celebrities. We represent high-conflict cases involving issues of business owners, child custody, domestic violence and other contentious family law matters. When you come to us you can count on the best lawyers in the field who give your case personalized attention.

Divorce for business owners and professionals is more complicated since there are special interests at stake that must be protected, especially in an equitable distribution state as Georgia. If you are an owner or shareholder in a business, some or all of your business may be considered marital property. 

Protecting Property in High Asset Divorce Cases

Couples in Georgia, going through divorce and maintaining high assets, or full or half ownership of business, frequently must deal with division issues adding to an already stressful divorce.

A divorce attorney from our law office will have a meeting with you to fully understand your goals. Our legal representation includes a full analysis of your assets and finances. Here is what they will do for you:

  • Asset Valuation: Obtaining accurate, credible and well-documented valuations of your home and other real estate, a family business, professional practice, investment and retirement accounts, or other key assets.
  • Concealed assets or Income: Following up on, or defending against, any suspicion that one spouse is concealing assets or income. We may hire forensic accountants, private investigators and experts for this task if appropriate. One of the risks in a high-asset divorce is that your spouse will attempt to hide assets. Georgia law prohibits the transfer of assets during a divorce if those transfers are not made in the ordinary course of business. The fact that the law prohibits a spouse from hiding assets does not mean that it will not happen if there is significant wealth at stake.
  • Marital property: Working to clearly distinguish between marital assets — subject to equitable property division at the court’s discretion under Georgia law — and assets that are yours alone because you brought them into the marriage or obtained them as personal gifts or by inheritance.
  • Strategy: Developing a solid strategy encompassing all financial aspects of your high-asset divorce, including child support, alimony/spousal support, future tax obligations and other pivotal factors.
  • Enforcing/contesting prenuptial agreements: Applying deep knowledge and experience to enforce or contest a prenuptial agreement in accordance with your best interests.
  • A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is advised to fully protect your assets. A postnuptial agreement is similar to a prenuptial agreement, except it is entered into after marriage. Our lawyers can also advise you in ways to protect separate property assets without a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.

Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorce is usually the cheapest and fastest way to get divorced in any state. The litigated route is not only very expensive but also results in lengthy disputes over property and child custody. If you and your partner have amicably decided to go for an uncontested divorce, then we can help you move forward quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. If your case is uncontested, it is still advised to consult with an attorney before finalizing your divorce. Some of the most contentious post divorce cases we see result from parties who completed their divorce without having an attorney review the documents. 

Our lawyers have an in-depth understanding of challenges that divorced couples may face in the future. Keeping those in mind, we work together with the client to resolve these legal issues through a settlement agreement where both parties are agreeable and wish to settle their case amicably.

Uncontested divorce can be a straightforward process, but the legal documentation is the tricky part. If you don’t get it right, you may not be able to amend it later. Our divorce lawyers at Teston and Burruss will help you avoid these mistakes and help you complete all the legal documentation needed to dissolve your marriage smoothly.

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