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Juvenile Court

A juvenile court is a court where crimes are committed by young children who are not old enough to be considered as adults. Georgia laws state anyone under the age of 17 juvenile, if convicted they are considered as delinquents and not criminals.

At Teston & Burress we take great pride in handling juvenile cases. If your child is facing juvenile charges, your concern as a parent will not only be the welfare of the child, but also how the charges will reflect on his future. We assure to help you keep the situation under control and promise the best possible outcome for your child.

A few key things to understand about juvenile charges:

Juvenile Courts Keep Things Private

There are no open hearings, and the results of the proceedings are not made public as in adult cases.

Juveniles are Not Entitled to a Jury, A Judge Will Decide the Case

The best criminal defense lawyer may not know a thing about the juvenile court system. Experience in juvenile cases along with familiarity with the process, which can come with a special juvenile defense lawyer is important.

Juveniles are Not Entitled to Bail

Juveniles are not entitled to bail and have to serve the sentence awarded by the judge inside a correctional facility. Therefore, it is advisable to hire the best North Georgia lawyer.

Three Types of Cases are Heard in Juvenile Court:

  • Juvenile Delinquency: minors accused of an act that would be considered a crime if he or she were older.
  • Juvenile Dependency: minors who have been abused or neglected.
  • Status Offenses: the juvenile has been accused of a violation that does not apply to adults. An example of this would-be truancy cases or underage drinking.

Statistics state that more than half of juvenile arrests are made for theft, simple assault, disorderly conduct, drugs and curfew violations. More serious crimes like murder, robbery, rape or aggravated assault make up the rest of the cases.

Representation from Our Juvenile Defense Lawyers

A child’s future story can change because of a criminal mistake. Teston & Burruss Juvenile Defense lawyers are amongst the best in North Georgia. They are experienced and well equipped and their advocacy on your side can make a huge difference to the management of your case and its outcome.

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